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Cloning A Better Tomorrow! Is a physics platformer that is made for the game jam Home of Nerds. The gameplay is about creating platforms by KILLING YOURSELF in order to reach your goal. There are FIVE different levels with different hazards to overcome.

It is NOT all about solving the puzzle but rather getting the least amount of deaths at the end in order to receive the best RANK possible.

Let us know what RANK you got when you finish the game in the comments section.

If you spot any bugs, let me know. All critique is welcome!

This game is made in Clickteam Fusion 2.5

Good luck!

Created by Ivan Navarro-Espinoza

Discord User name: kfcpop #8217

This was a solo project.

Install instructions

Just start the .EXE file and it will start the game.

To force quit, hold Control and F4


Cloning A Better Tomorrow!.exe 3 MB
Cloning A Better Tomorrow!.mfa (Source File) 1 MB

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